How does Landed work?

1. Download the Landed Jobs app on iPhone or Android.
2. When you first open the Landed Jobs app, go ahead and put in your preferred email and password.
3. Click “SIGN UP” and you’re set! Remember to complete your profile and add videos, work experience, and shift availabilities to start getting matched with jobs! This is your chance to really SHINE, 🌟 so be sure to put in all you can, so employers see you put your best foot forward!

Nobody likes commuting, so we prioritize matching you to jobs closest to you! We just need to know where you are, so we can do that.

1. On the login page of the Landed Jobs app, click on “Forgot password? Reset now →” on the login page and type in your email.
2. You’ll receive instructions and a link to reset your password in your email within a few minutes. Make sure you check your promotions/social/spam folders.
3. Your password won’t change until you access the link in that email and reset your password.

After opening the Landed Jobs app, go to your profile page. Click on the video panel and record a video of yourself answering the questions. Kind of like recording an Instagram story!

Click the white circle once you’re ready. The screen will flash and the recording starts right after.
The circle turns red and the countdown timer starts from 20 seconds. Click on the red circle once you’re done!

Click on “x” to delete the video and try again.
Click on “✓” if you’re good to go and VOILA, you’re all set!

Check out the short video examples for some inspiration!

Here are some pro tips to keep in mind:

1. Smile!
Customers love being served by friendly staff. That's why it's important to show off your positive attitude with a smile on camera. Showcase your personality and be yourself!

2. Keep the camera steady
Employers can't hear or see you properly if you're recording while walking around or on public transport. Try to position your phone in front of your face! You can either hold your phone or secure it to a firm support, so the camera doesn’t wobble!

3. Prepare
You know the questions beforehand so you can prepare! Structure your answers like this: make a statement then explain it.

For example: "My greatest strength is my ability to communicate. This is because I'm great at handling conversations and explaining things to people patiently."

Speak clearly and confidently -- you got this! Unlike in an interview, you can try again as many times as you want, so you can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward!

Yes! Click on an uploaded video to view it again. If you want to give it another shot, click on “RECORD VIDEO AGAIN” at the bottom of the screen.

Recording a new video deletes the previous video and uploads the new one in its place!

The Landed Jobs app requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store. For Android users, Version 5 or above is required and you can download from the Google Play store.

If you can’t download the mobile app, no worries! Get matched with jobs by filling out the online application here and submit your videos by emailing them to hi@gotlanded.com or DM'ing them to our Instagram @gotlanded.

Videos are the opportunity to let your personality shine! 🌟 You can record your videos as many times as you’d like until you’re satisfied, so you’re guaranteed to show your best side to hiring managers to speed up the interview process for you and them.

We at Landed go out and find job matches for you! Just be sure to respond promptly when you get matched to not miss out. You’ll receive matches in the Landed Jobs mobile app and stores will start a conversation with you in the app for next steps, like on-site interviews.

Once you've made your videos once, they're used to help you get hired at any company on Landed. Employers are expecting the videos and we don't use them for anything other than to get you noticed for jobs.

1. Go to the home screen in the Landed Jobs app to view open jobs.

2. Click on the job you are interested in to check out the job description. You’ll see everything from a company overview to role qualifications and pay rates. If you want to apply to this job, click on “I’M INTERESTED” and we’ll take note for your matches!

We at Landed go out and find job matches for you too! Just be sure to respond promptly when you get matched to not miss out.

You’ll receive matches in the Landed Jobs mobile app and companies will start a conversation with you in your inbox. Open the chat to start chatting with employers!

Once you’ve filled out your profile, including your videos, work experience, and shift availability, we can start matching you to jobs that would be good fit! Employers want to see you put your best foot forward in your videos. Some employers even skip a bunch of interview steps once they see your videos.

Just be sure to turn on push notifications so you can respond promptly when you get matched to not miss out. You’ll receive matches in the inbox of your Landed Jobs app.

Employers of all shapes and sizes are on Landed, which means we have all sorts of awesome jobs for you to check out: full-time, part-time, weekend shift, weekday shift, remote, work-from-home jobs -- you name it!

This means that jobs range from W2 to 1099 jobs. Landed Employers offer different types of medical, dental, vision, and 401K benefits depending on each job. Strike up a conversation and ask about these when you're matched.

Why use Landed for your job search?

Landed Jobs helps you get hired ASAP. In the Landed Jobs app, you can create your profile and record short video clips of yourself to let your personality shine! 🌟

Companies are always looking for awesome Landed candidates to join their teams.

On the Landed Jobs app, you’ll find companies that are actively hiring right now. Applying takes a couple of minutes and the app uses videos to showcase your personality and keep you safe in this time of crisis by minimizing face-to-face meetings. No more editing your resumé over and over either!

The Landed team is here to support you and make sure you have an awesome experience. You can always reach us at hi@gotlanded.com with just about anything!