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Phone Interview

How to Slay in your Next Phone Interview

What are employers really looking for when they ask questions like: tell me about yourself?
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Do's and Don'ts for your First Week on the Job

How to make your best first impression on the job.
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Phone Interview

How to Determine if a Job is Right For You

Important questions to ask during interviews.
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Resume Building: A 5-Step Guide

Resumes are one of the most vital aspects of a job hunt. A strong resume will set you apart from the rest of the candidates the employer is considering, ultimately increasing your chances of landing an interview and hopefully, a job.
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Resume Building
Self awareness job search

Self Awareness: A Key Factor for Job Searching after Graduation

Being self aware is one of the hardest things to do when job searching, however with these essential tips, everything will go smoothly throughout the process.
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