The LANDED story.

It’s a new day for businesses and the workers supporting them.

The changing landscape with the rise of the gig economy, pandemic, and web3, has kicked technological changes into high gear: hiring AI, mobile-first ordering, and streamlined takeaway operations have pulled forward years of innovation and are here to stay.

These events have forced us all to take a hard look at who’s supporting our economy and how we’re supporting them.

We need to put strong structures in place to better protect these workers, especially those in marginalized communities. These include better job discovery tools, a financial safety net, and educational resources to help them build their futures.

Late 2019

The early innings and development
  • Why is hiring and retaining talent in the restaurant and hospitality industry so hard? Why is it so hard to find a job that’s actually the right fit for me? And why isn’t there a great tool that can take care of all of this?
  • At LANDED, we built our platform for the 2.7 billion hourly workers worldwide: for work, financial health, and educational growth. Blue collar workers are largely underserved in almost every aspect of their lives, so we rolled up our sleeves to start building a product to help out both employers and workers.


The year it all clicked
  • Launched LANDED Employer and Jobs mobile apps on the Google Play and iOS App Stores and our Insights Dashboard.
  • Then the pandemic turned the entire restaurant and hospitality industry on its head. Overnight, LANDED saw job seekers pouring into our newly launched job candidate app by the thousands. This made our work at LANDED all the more urgent and we rose to the occasion: directing all our energy to building the fastest way for furloughed or laid off hourly workers to land on their feet with a new job.


Making workers and general managers happy
  • We quickly realized that workers relied on us to build their livelihoods and managers depended on LANDED to run their businesses amid all the uncertainty swirling about.
  • We used their feedback to build and deliver the best hiring and job search tool for the restaurant and hospitality industry.


Becoming the trusted partner of the biggest brands
  • LANDED has helped thousands of candidates land jobs to support their livelihoods and hundreds of businesses across America staff up to keep their doors open.
  • LANDED has 100K+ blue collar workers and hundreds of top employers on its platform, including Cava, Blaze Pizza, Panera, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, and more.


Backed by the best
  • We’ve raised our Series Seed led by Javelin Venture Partners and Blockchain Capital with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners; the founders of Warby Parker, Harry’s, and Allbirds’ Good Friends fund, and the founders of celebrity chef José Andrés’ ThinkFood Group.
  • We will use this new financing to help us build better, continue delivering the best customer service, and efficiently support all employers and candidates who rely on LANDED.

"Staffing shortages across restaurants and hospitality are all over the news. But the truth is that labor has always been an industry-wide issue.

LANDED has quickly become the one solution that stands head and shoulders above other players in the field.

The biggest customers in the industry are recognizing that LANDED's market-leading recruitment software and AI technology helps them break away from competitors, tackle labor shortages head on, and simply put, make their Hiring Managers happy."

Jed Katz
Jed Katz Managing Partner,
Javelin Venture Partners
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Vivian drew on her deep expertise to build the most scalable solution for hiring and retaining hourly talent. She is a relentless founder solving this monster challenge and her platform is poised to be the winner in this rapidly growing category,” said Jed Katz of Javelin

We make hiring fast, easy, and safe.

Think sourcing, vetting, engaging, interviewing, and hiring with no more manual work and 15+ hours of time savings each week.

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