Super King Case Study

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Super King Markets

Digitizing Manual Hiring Processes to Hire Top-Quality Talent in a Fraction of the Time.

The Company

In 1993, Super King Markets opened its first location in Anaheim, CA. They now have 8 locations in Southern California, each packed with a wide selection of fresh produce, deli items, spirits, and baked goods at great prices.

Unique to Super King Markets is its variety of national and international grocery brands, with a localized product offering that caters to a store’s surrounding community. Because of this, Super King Markets attracts an ethnically rich group of shoppers and employees.


3 candidates hired a week per location (on average)

50% less interview ghosting

2X faster hiring rate

Super King started working with Landed in mid-2020, after finding existing platforms were not able to provide the volume and quality of candidates they needed. As an essential grocery business, Super King has experienced fast-growth throughout 2020. They needed a solution to keep up with demand as hiring was taking up too much time for managers.

Super King needed to digitize its recruiting process to hire strong talent more efficiently.

Super King remained open throughout the pandemic. The influx of customer demand for groceries created staffing shortages, putting pressure on Hiring Managers to hire fast. On top of this, the onset of the pandemic created new positions that needed to be filled; demand for grocery delivery increased 10x and curbside pick-ups became essential.

The average grocery store has a 60% turnover. This means Super King’s Hiring Managers work around the clock to access a high volume of candidates to meet hiring needs, all while accounting for peak seasons.

Super King maintains a high bar for quality talent and needed a solution that could get them in contact with more candidates efficiently across all their locations. Whether it be cashiers, stockers, courtesy clerks, or store-level leadership, Hiring Managers were spending too many hours a week on multiple existing platforms without success. Candidates that were great on paper often didn’t reply or show up to interviews. Processes were manual and tedious, making it difficult to track progress across several hiring platforms. This is when Landed got in touch with Super King to streamline and accelerate their hiring practices.

Amid soaring shopper demand during the pandemic, Landed helped each Super King location hire a dozen plus employees each month to keep staffing levels at 100%+ goal.

Key 1: Landed’s Intelligent Matching™ Matches Top Candidates to Best-fit Roles Quickly

Each location hiring ~3 candidates/week on average & saving 5+ hours weekly

1 in 3 Landed Candidates Hired

In just a month, Landed matched Super King to 154 pre-vetted, qualified candidates, with a hire rate of almost 1 in 3 Landed candidates.

As a people-driven business, Super King cares deeply about hiring for cultural fit -- ensuring diversity, great communication, and a positive attitude in all new hires.

To help teams screen for these candidates, Landed’s intelligent matching™ assesses 50+ data points to match candidates to Super King based on a set of criteria provided.

It took less than five days to fill Super King’s talent pipeline with top-quality candidates, saving hiring managers 5+ hours every week on the recruiting process.

Key 2: Cut out the Manual Work & Reduce Interview Ghosting

Interview Ghosting Cut in Half

2X Faster Hiring Rate

Landed cuts out the manual work required to hire, starting from outreach, organizing the talent pipeline, and interview scheduling.

Quick communication with candidates is crucial, as it ensures top talent remains engaged and excited about your roles. That’s why Landed equips hiring managers with tools to maintain high candidate engagement via automated messaging and reminders.

For instance, once an interview is scheduled candidates will receive automatic confirmations, and 1-day prior and day-of interview reminders via push notifications, email, and SMS text message. Super King Hiring Managers also used the one-click phone dial to directly ring high-potential candidates and catch them fast before they got hired elsewhere in the competitive hiring market.

We also handled the scheduling of interviews by ensuring that calendars were synced, reducing interview no-shows by more than half.

Sam Barrow
Human Resources Director at Super King Markets

“With Landed the biggest benefit is the speed. When we post a job, the turnaround time is a lot shorter than if we go post on another site. It’s end-to-end hiring from posting, requesting a job & getting candidates through the door for interviews, it’s really fast.”

Key 3: Immediately Engage Candidates Before They Slip Away

Seamlessly Integrate Landed with Existing Hiring Systems

Adjust Hiring Criteria & Spend to Maximize Return on Investment

Landed equips businesses with an all-in-one solution that handles end-to-end recruiting needs. With Super King aiming to digitize and automate manual processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency, a technological solution was required.

Landed Employer’s mobile app experience for Store Hiring Managers with ApplicantPro, their existing applicant tracking system, Super King can manage all their top-of-funnel candidate sourcing on one platform.

Our team worked closely with Super King to understand their hiring goals and needs, and adapt based on feedback and expected or unexpected new business developments amid a pandemic. Whether it be needing to ramp up hiring overnight, dial hiring down because turnover has temporarily subsided or large-scale hiring for new store launches -- Landed works closely with clients to make adjustments per their ever-changing needs.

Sam Barrow
Human Resources Director at Super King Markets

“We started using Landed because we wanted to highlight certain positions, and we’re always looking for a particular individual to take on those hard-to-fill roles. The process is consistent, and Landed fits in seamlessly with our digital strategy.”