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Webinars FAST CASUAL June 15, 2023

When Vivian met Big Chicken…

On our inaugural episode of Fast Casual, Josh and Sam revealed the story behind Big Chicken’s origins, Shaq’s visionary move into the chicken business, their exciting plans for future growth, and the importance of brand loyalty.Their exact plans (and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve)? Find out NOW! This episode is a must-watch!

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Product Product Updates | LANDED May 10, 2023

Add and edit roles by yourself

We’re giving all the power to Y’ALL and letting YOU have more oversight over your hiring. In addition to adding locations, you can now edit roles straight from the LANDED Employer Portal. Deactivate or activate any role with the click of a button, and add new roles to any location you want from anywhere at anytime 💥 Hiring’s never been this easy.

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Product Product Updates | LANDED May 10, 2023

Add locations by yourself

Wouldn't it be awesome to add new locations to your plan in just a few clicks? Say no more ✋ Last week, we released the ability to add new locations straight from the LANDED Employer Portal. Just click “Add new location” and let us know where the new store is and what roles you're hiring for. We’ve got the rest from there 🙌

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Media QSR Magazine March 29, 2023

Andrew Feghali Joins Landed as Formal Advisor

Restaurant industry leader, Andrew Feghali, PhD has joined as a formal advisor. Dr. Feghali will work closely with the LANDED executive team to achieve growth across the restaurant industry.

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Webinars Front Lines March 17, 2023

CEO of Landed: $8 Million Raised to Solve the Restaurant Labor Shortage

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Vivian Wang, CEO of Landed, an end-to-end recruitment platform that’s raised over $8 Million in funding, about why personal growth and career development isn’t only for the upper echelons of the corporate world, and the aspirational vision that millions of blue collar workers across America and beyond have for their future.

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Media QSR Magazine October 19, 2022

LANDED Taps Industy Vet Michael Beacham as Formal Adviser

LANDED, the first end-to-end recruitment engine for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced today that restaurant industry leader Michael Beacham has joined as a formal adviser. Beacham will work closely with the LANDED executive team to help formulate and refine company strategy as it seeks to expand its footprint in the restaurant industry.

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Media QSR Magazine August 15, 2022

The Problem Facing Restaurant Hiring Managers: Interview No-Shows

Speed is the name of the game. Show your candidates that your operation is a safe place for life to happen.

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Media Modern Restaurant Management July 11, 2022

How to Avoid Getting Ghosted at Interviews

In today’s market, it seems that just about every restaurant is hiring. Job candidates have their choice of any number of open positions – and the most qualified applicants get snapped up fast.

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Media QSR Magazine June 29, 2022

3 Tips for Finding Restaurant Workers—Fast

If you invest upfront to craft job descriptions carefully, you’ll save time later. When looking for employment, most young people turn to online job boards and social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

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Media Back of House June 27, 2022

11 Tips for Making the Hiring Process at Your Restaurant More Efficient

Pre-dating the pandemic, hiring has challenged the restaurant industry for years. But today’s climate has left operators competing for talent like never before.

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A recruitment expert shares her top tips for attracting and retaining hospitality workers

A new survey from restaurant and hospitality recruitment platform LANDED found that 67% of blue collar workers have looked for a new job in the past year. Yet high turnover rates in these industries mean that employers will have to do some heavy lifting to get them to stay.

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Webinars TechCrunch June 7, 2022

FEATURED ON FOUND PODCAST: LANDED Founder shares insight into her mission to connect blue-collar workers with high-quality job opportunities

This week we talk to LANDED founder and CEO Vivian Wang who is on a mission to connect blue-collar workers with high-quality job opportunities. Landed handles the hiring process from recruiting to vetting to setting up interviews and facilitating a feedback loop for the general managers to make their workplaces more desirable.

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