How does Landed work?

We’re excited to explore how we can help your hiring! All you need to do is get in touch with our Partnerships team at partners@gotlanded.com – or book a demo directly here and we’ll get you started.

With Landed, you can more quickly and better assess candidate-fit while promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. We match you with candidates who are the most suitable for your roles, so you know you’re only spending time reviewing qualified job-seekers.

We know how time-consuming it is to flip through pages and pages of resumes, that’s why we use video applications instead. You’ll be able to access pre-recorded videos for candidates we’ve matched to your roles via the Landed Employer App. Profiles also include information on availability and experience, and you can message candidates directly in-app!

This depends on your hiring goals. Tell us how many hires you want & how fast. You decide what daily budget works + one-time setup. Landed Intelligent Matching℠ sources and vets the best candidates for you.

You’ll always have the flexibility to dial Landed up and down depending on your hiring needs. If you want more details, ask away! You can get in touch by emailing partners@gotlanded.com.

We’ve made onboarding quick and simple. We only need four pieces of information to get you started:

• Hiring locations
• Role titles and job descriptions: make sure to include pay rates and relevant benefits like medical, dental, vision, tuition reimbursements, discounts, 401K, or anything else you offer employees
• Hiring goals for each role and location
• Marketing photos or videos to showcase your company

How does the app work?

Click here for a Quick-Start Guide for the Landed Employer Mobile App

Landed Helper is your personal assistant who can help with any questions you have about Landed. Get in touch with us anytime in-app in your inbox’s ‘Active’ folder! Here’s how Landed Helper can help:

❓ Answer questions about your account, product features, billing, or anything else!
🚀 Add more jobs or locations you’re hiring for
✏️ Make edits to your Employer profile
✉️ Create or update automated messages to candidates
🎤 Take your feedback on candidates to improve our intelligent matching
💡 Ask for new product features to make your life easier

Landed Helper will also send you updates on new product features, tips and tricks for using Landed, and highlight top candidates.

It’s easy – just message Landed Helper in your app! Tell Landed Helper what you want updated and we’ll get it done for you pronto 😎.

You can also email hi@gotlanded.com with questions or asks any time.

All candidates we match with you can be viewed in your inbox. We automatically send a message to candidates when a match takes place, and that message is customizable by you.

Here’s how we help you keep track and stay on top of your talent pipeline:
• All candidates matched to your job go to your “New” folder
• The “Active” folder is for candidates who have responded to you
• You can move these candidates to “Interested” if you see strong hiring potential or “Pass”
• From “Interested”, you can also move candidates to "Hired" or "Pass"

The “Active” folder has candidates who’ve recently responded. These are the people most interested in your job, so make sure you reply to top talent quickly before they’re snapped up by other employers.

In the “Active” folder, you’ll see your inbox icon in the bottom left corner. You can message candidates directly here! All these chat messages are automatically sent to candidates via push notification, SMS text, and email, so you don’t need to worry about them missing your messages.

A red dot indicates a message is unread. A grey dot means you’ve read the message, but have not yet responded to the candidate.

Click on the candidate’s profile picture to see their full profile with name, location, work experience, phone number, email, photos, videos, work availability, and more!

Yes! We have a filter on first names. For instance, selecting “C” will show all candidates with a first name beginning with C in the Landed Employer App.

You can export and share a candidate’s profile by clicking the share button on the top right corner of their profile. This will pop open a new email with all the candidate’s information attached for you to send to whatever email addresses you'd like, whether that be area coaches, store managers, or others. This feature uses the default Mail App on your phone to send the email so make sure you are logged into iMail if you have an iPhone or gmail if you have Android.

After hundreds of hours working directly with Talent and HR leaders to improve hiring results, we’ve put together a best practices handbook for using Landed Employer. Check out the handbook with valuable tips & tricks here!