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How to Answer “Introduce Yourself”

Got Landed Mag How to Answer “Introduce Yourself”
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One of the most commonly asked questions in an interview is the dreaded “Introduce Yourself.” Whilst this question is daunting, Landed is here for the rescue with tips and tricks to best prepare for this type of question.

How to Answer “Introduce Yourself”

1) Keep it short and concise

This is a short introduction. The recruiter is not expecting such a lengthy response. This is precisely a 30-second to a 1-minute long response, so keep it short and concise to keep the recruiter engaged and focused. It is better to be elaborate in later questions when the recruiter wants you to talk more about the experience.

2) Briefly describe relevant experience

Give a short summary of what you did in a relevant job position or title. This way, the recruiter gets a general overview of the job responsibilities and if they have any further questions, they can ask more in later questions about the job experience. Reminder, this is just an elevator pitch, so talk briefly about 1-2 experiences that are applicable to the job that you are applying for.

3) Talk about your interest in the company

This is a way to keep your elevator pitch from being too generic. Make each elevator pitch different, personalized, and customized to the opportunity that you are applying for, and one of the ways of doing that is to show your level of interest, enthusiasm, and passion for applying to the position. Incorporate the culture, the mission statement, or the job responsibilities that are the motivating reasons why you apply for the job.

4) Avoid practicing too much

You do not want to come across as robotic. Have a general idea of what to talk about, but do not make it look like it is rehearsed. The recruiter has a keen sense if your elevator pitch is rehearsed, and it may show that the applicant is just applying for a lot of other places and may not actually be interested in the job opportunity at hand. So, it is best to have a game plan of what to say, but do not adhere strictly to the script.