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How to Make your Application Stand Out During COVID-19?

Got Landed Mag How to make your application stand out during COVID-19?
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In our previous post, we shared some tips to help you with finding a job during the pandemic. Now, let us follow up on that--what can you do to increase your chances of landing an offer during these times? Read on to find out how you can turn this crisis into an opportunity.

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Clean up your digital footprint

Disruption caused by the pandemic extends to the hiring space too. With more people staying indoors these days, social media usage has similarly increased. You might want to watch what you are posting with that extra time on your phone, employers may be checking just that!

Impress potential employers with a follow-up

Show your consistent interest in the job! The pandemic may have dampened spirits, so why not uplift your potential employer with a cheerful email checking in on their well-being?

Take on a short-term role

Demonstrate your abilities and commitment by offering to show up--and work! This role may be a paid or unpaid internship, but it is a prime opportunity for you to showcase your skills and work ethic.

Craft your narrative

With reduced in-person social interaction, employers are looking for a human touch more than ever. Rather than sending in a cold document, guide your application with a personal story.

Tailor your application to the company’s needs

COVID-19 has shaken up many businesses. Companies that survive or thrive have made adaptations to roll with the times, and they are looking for people who can make this change with them. Show that you are well-informed and relevant by researching the company’s COVID-19 adaptations and seeing how you fit them!